• Image of UVSS "The Power of Unordained Light" 12"

Note: 1 per customer, duplicates will be canceled. Shipping mid-January 2019.

Having previously released compositions on labels such as Defiled Light, Perverse Homage, Signal Rex, as well as self-released rituals, the single entity that is UVSS (Unholy Vampyric Slaughter Sect) has disposed upon the wretched world their debut full length "The Power of Unordained Light". 7 songs steeped in addictive and hypnotic black metal of the highest order, continued the entity's approach for memorable riffs buried under the guise of dense and complex arraignments.

Limited 12" release in an undisclosed number, silkscreened covers done locally by Made in Brooklyn Silk Screeners, and digital download code.

Ave vampyras. All must die.