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Khar Sulde "The Black Banners of Cosmic War" CS

  • Khar Sulde "The Black Banners of Cosmic War" CS


We are pleased to have a hand in the inaugural release by Austin, TX's Khar Sulde with their opening salvo entitled "The Black Banners of Cosmic War", which is strewn over 8 tracks of raw black metal.

"The Black Banners Of Cosmic War delves into the hidden history of the world.. Each and every war crime and act of barbarity is a ritual against life itself.. Human beings are the sorcerers that cast unimaginable cruelty and suffering into this plane of existence.. The universe itself is indifferent to us... It is human beings that have pushed our own infernal desires onto this material realm... From the hell blasts of the atomic bomb to the ancient mass slaughters of medieval Europe, we humans have with dripping jowls of spit eaten ourselves whole piece by piece... So beat the war drums and dance the dance of blood and fire but weep for those lost to the unearthly and torturous delights of the human race..."

Limited to an undisclosed amount of clear and black shell cassette tapes shipped randomly to customers. Includes silkscreen 6.5" x 4" sigil logo patch.