• Image of Kavrila "Blight" CS

Description via Medusa Crush Recordings:

“Kavrila is the hairy ass that jumps on your face while you’re drinking your morning tea. Mercy? No chance. The Hamburgers bolt out of your speakers like a steam hammer on speed, dig out your front yard with a shovel and dump black earth from a graveyard on top of your growing tulips. The recipe for havoc: a fat load of Sweden-Death à la Entombed, a heavy sludge sound in the best NOLA fashion, an occasional Black Metal storm, driving high energy Punk rock and a huge load of rehearsal room attitude. Anyone who’s into amphetamine loaded unpredictable destructive rage will love Kavrila.

Following the release of last year’s debut ’Rituals I’ EP with a limited cassette release on Medusa Crush Recordings, the German blackened hardcore crew hits 2017 hard with their full-length debut ‘Blight’. This sees the band expanding on their already caustic attack of the senses and bleak outlook of the human condition, but with subtle twists being much more a part of the blunt trauma employed."