• Image of Hive "S/T" 12"

Description via the band:

"Quintessential epic crust…riffs for days, a constant low end heavy chug, and a singer with a rasp well worthy of the Northwest elite. If nothing else, HIVE stands out for the intensity and speed they bring to the game – even the slower, more melodic bits (“Reversal Of Fortune”) will have you clenched tight…the knife edge that this band straddles creates a legitimate tension with even a casual listen. Comparisons aren’t really necessary, but if you monkeys like the sound of a black clad apocalypse with full stacks, then here you go." - Terminal Escape Blog

"First vinyl offering from this Minnesota powerhouse. Absolutely massive sounding epic crust, drawing heavily from the early '00's and injecting a venom into the vocals that gives the record serious teeth. When they settle into a chug ("Experiments In Sleep Deprivation") I suggest you watch yourself, because the bulldozer is relentless, and when HIVE roll into high gear they are a true force. Comparisons to Portland modern legends and a lineage of Minneapolis predecessors are not unwarranted, and this record lives up to all of it. New life breathed into something tried and true." - MRR