• Image of Hexis "Tando Ashanti" 12"

Review via Svbterranean:

"Black Metal mixes with everything and anything these days, and mixed results will happen. It is like part of the color wheel, it can be add to anything, but the results vary depending on what it is mixed with. You have blackened crust punk (Young and In The Way), Post-Black Metal (or Black Shoegaze as I called it, with Deafheaven), traditional black metal (if I don’t love me some Emperor) and black metal meets arena rock ( the new Black Anvil I can NOT get enough of and is in my top 3 for record of the year).

Let me tell you young’ins something you will learn actually fairly quick, and Coalesce said it best with an album title: There is nothing new under the sun. Let me repeat that for those skimming through my shitty, ADHD, virally infected writing and say it louder, since reading may be too good for you: THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN! This has been true for a while, but goddamn, you can at least do a good job at making the music and kicking ass. Those bands I mentioned above do very well with what they have and their ideas and their mixture of genres.

This band, Hexis, is from Copenhagen, Denmark and have done a split with Primitive Man, so they are doing something majorly right. They mix black metal ideals and musicality with hardcore percussion and lyrical content. Now, these two genres, when done wrong, are massively fucking wrong and sound like utter shit ( there are too many bands to mention, but god damn, I’m sure you, the valued reader of my shitty writing, can think of a couple dozen that suck, especially those that all the kids think are “cool” now). These guys do very well with what they have, creating a nice combination that totally works.The new album that they have out is called Tando Ashanti, and let me tell you it is a fucking zinger.

This album is fucking angry, amazingly angry, like pissed off beyond belief. I consider myself an angry man, with a misanthropic streak that knows no end and a depressive feeling that happens due to people and their stupid feelings are the world and you are expected to give them your all. These guys say fuck you and run with it. It is angry, it is pissed, and it is awesome.

The music does not disappoint in any way. Blast beats, tremolo picking, distortion, delay washes, this shit is the works incarnate. It totally works well together, with power and noise and extreme hatred. There is nothing done not well. This is bleak, this is angry. This is what you expect when you want the world to just sort of fuck off and die and you are in the mood for nothing. Just nothing (I know the mood well as it happens at least once a day, and I see humanity as a Shai Hulud lyric and other people as Coalesce songs.) These guys personify the mood, through music and through their lyrics. Good god damn son, if you ain’t with it, you may as well be in the way.

This album delivered nothing new under the sun, but goddamn if it was not a great fucking ride. Seriously. I can not recommend this highly for fans of the music that are created by Trap Them, Converge, The Secret, or goddamned Cursed (one of my favorite all time bands). I know that my frustration shows throughout this review, but with the amount of shit going on in this world, my fuse shorter than normal (fucking medical bullshit needs a straight answer) and I am pissed and angry. This band hit my feelings in one album, like the bands above did. This album hit me in the feels, if those feels were despair and anger at knowing there was and is nothing you can do and that the grass is not greener nor the sky bluer, and that people are just as bad and the word will eat you alive. Check this band out and know that there are people who feel and know what you feel, or feel deeper than you feel and more pure or more angry. Love them, embrace them, and let the hate flow through you."