• Image of Cara Neir "Perpetual Despair is the Human Condition" 12"

Description via Broken Limbs:

"Coming off the heels of a highly anticipated split with fellow Texan group Wildspeaker, Cara Neir's newest full-length, Perpetual Despair is the Human Condition, will be released through Broken Limbs.

Cara Neir has been building steam since 2013's Portals to a Better, Dead World. Listeners were treated to a full immersion in the band's genre-defying, constantly evolving sound, meaning each new record is a treat of the unexpected for even the most seasoned fan. Perpetual Despair... is no exception. This new album showcases a more mature sound, while still maintaining the band's intensity and venom. This is Cara Neir at its peak.

Popmatters on Portals To a Better, Dead World: "The stygian, genre non-conforming hybrid of black metal and punk on Cara Neir's latest makes for a hard-to-pigeonhole, easy-to-love album that might just be the best metal record put out all year."

Cara Neir is a two-man project formed in 2008 based in Arlington, Texas. Unrestrained by genre barriers, the band has incorporated a revolving door of stylistic shifts in black metal, punk, screamo, grind, and hints of post-rock throughout its discography. Structurally, Cara Neir is multi-instrumentalist Garry Brents complemented by the introspective and galvanizing lyrics of Chris Francis.

Limited to 300 12" copies: 200 black, and 100 purple vinyl. Each with a download card and insert. Cassette edition will be limited to 100 white shell pieces. Artwork by Nate Burns (Revolting Worship)."