• Image of Keeper/Sea Bastard split 12"

Description via Dry Cough:

"From the state of California, Keeper hath erupted last year with their debut release ‘MMXIV’ and mowed all who have listened over with the heaviest of agonizing crawls, and a maturity in performance that belies the band’s time of existence. Drawing comparisons to Grief, Cough, and Noothgrush just scratches the surface of their pummeling craft. The track they present in ’777’, is 14 minutes of total despair and anguish; a sign that this band have much more in store to deliver to their growing rabid fan-base. This track is already proving itself a milestone for them; this band is definitely one to watch for the future.

The flip side to this massive split is balanced out by an equally devastating track, from rising crust/doom darlings of the U.K. in Sea Bastard. Since their inception in 2011, they have been building a solid name and reputation for themselves with each release they put out. Last year’s album ‘Scabrous’ found itself being put out this year in vinyl form by Dry Cough Records, and saw them gain in leaps of popularity. Not to rest on their haunches, the band continues their mountainous glacier crawl and gives up the 20+ minute opus ‘Astral Rebirth’; showcasing their ongoing quality of crushing excellence."